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Objectives of the Programme :
Aimed to teach students of fisheries about fundamental sciences and engineering, aquaculture, sea food processing, fisheries management oceanography and navigation.
Learning Outcomes of the Programme :
Upon successful completion of this programme, students will be able to :
LO-1 : work in aquaculture and seafood processing sector as Managing Engineer.
LO-2 : plan, conduct setting up of fish culture systems and units.
LO-3 : serve in production, research and development and health management in aquaculture sector as engineer.
LO-4 : consult to seafood processing or marketing companies on seafood processing, marketing, quality control, seafood safety (HACCP) and seafood hygiene aspects.
LO-5 : work as seafood inspector either on seafood quality or seafood safety.
LO-6 : do research on new seafood product development and seafood quality innovations aspects.
LO-7 : do oceanographic studies and describe the marine environment.
LO-8 : conduct water quality and water pollution studies.
LO-9 : identify micro and macro organism and investigate food chain.
LO-10 : provide knowledge about navigation and fishing equipment on fishing vessels.
LO-11 : realize sustainable use of the fishery resources by using/improving environmental friendly fishing gear and methods.
LO-12 : play an important role in the preparation phase of fishery management plans by determining fishery management objectives and strategies for the purpose of sustainable use of marine living resources.
LO-13 : conduct surveys on fisheries data collection and stock assessment.
LO-14 : carry out studies on Turkeys fisheries sector harmonization to European Union Common Fishery Policy.
LO-15 : work as a restricted watch keeping officer.
LO-16 : use scientific method to solve engineering problems which they may face during their work.
LO-17 : relate engineering applications with Mathematics, fundamental sciences and engineering sciences
LO-18 : be efficient in English in writing and speaking.
LO-19 : look for modern and up to date techniques and equipments in their engineering designs.
LO-20 : understand, claim and respond to social, cultural and communal problems.