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Katalog Ana Sayfa
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Education Objectives of the Programme :
The objectives of the programs are: Educate students so that they acquire relevant knowledge about biological sciences and related fields; develop student's ability to use biological sciences techniques and skills: develop student's ability to effectively communicate. During the undergraduate education, beside to lectures, students enjoy active laboratory works, computer applications, and summer practice.
Learning Outcomes of the Programme :
Upon successful completion of this programme, students will be able to :
OP-1: Should have advanced theoretical and applied knowledge about the field of biology
OP-2: Should be able to use the current theoretical and applied information about the field of biology and transfer it to the relevant target audience
OP-3: Should be able to understand current facts and processes in the field of biology, compare them with similar ones, and produce solutions based on evidence
OP-4: Should be able to collect data for problems related to biology, analyze it, make hypotheses and evaluate the results
OP-5: Should be able to take an active role in the evaluation of cases related to the field of biology
OP-6: Should be able to plan and/or effectively carry out an activity in the field of biology independently or as a team leader
OP-7: Should be able to update the information about biology by questioning and be open to continuous learning
OP-8: Should be able to develop solutions to problems related to the field of biology and transfer them to the target audience
OP-9: Should be able to communicate verbally and/or in writing with their colleagues at national and international level using information technologies
OP-10: Should have a sense of social responsibility and be able to organize awareness projects and/or activities for the social environment they live in
OP-11: Should be able to evaluate every activity related to the field of biology with the awareness of the universality of scientific, cultural and ethical values and use them for the benefit of society.
OP-12: Should be able to have sufficient awareness of the importance and necessity of occupational health and safety and be able to apply it to working life and social life
TQF/Programme Outcomes Matrix