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Katalog Ana Sayfa
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First semester courses
INS1005 Introduction to Civil Engineering XX X
MAT1011 Mathematics - IXX
FIZ1001 Physics-IXX
YDB1001 English - I XX
INS1001 Engineering DrawingXX
Second semester courses
MAT1008 Mathematics - IIXX
INS1006 StatisticX X
JLJ1012 Engineering Geology XX X
YDB1002 English - II XX
FIZ1002 Physics IIXX
INS1002 StaticXX
Thir semester courses
USEC0001 History of Science X
INS2023 Presentation and Presentation Techniques
USEC0003 Professional Ethics X
INS2035 English Reading and Writing X
INS2025 Business Life English X
USEC0009 Project ManagementXX X
INS2003 Occupational English X
INS2033 Srength of MaterialsXX
INS2015 DynamicsXX
INS2021 INS2021 Numerical AnalysisXX
INS2009 Materials ScienceXX
MAT2011 Differential EquationsXX
Fourth semester courses
USEC0012 Career Planning XXXXX
USEC0006 General Sociology X X
USEC0008 Protection of Personal Data X X X
INS2020 Computer Programming
INS2034 Matlab Applications in Civil Engineering X X
INS2028 Computer Aided Drawing
INS2004 Labour Law XX
INS2000 Structural MaterialsXX X
INS2032 Strength of Materials II XX
INS2012 HydrologyXX
INS2030 Engineering Mathematics X
HRT2014 Basic Surveying X
Fifth semester courses
INS3043 Engineering EconomyX X
INS3033 Traditional Building MaterialsX X
INS3029 Construction ElementsXX
INS3039 Coastal EngineeringXX
INS3005 Architecture Information X X
INS3047 Construction quantities and costXX
INS3027 Entrepreneurship X X
INS3019 Fluid MechanicsXX X
INS3015 Transportation IXX X
INS3001 Soil Mechanics - IXX X
INS3017 Structural Analysis IXX
Sixth semester courses
INS3028 Coastal and Harbor StructersX X
INS3018 Introduction to Earthquake EngineeringX X
INS3000 Reinforced Concrete-IXXX
INS3002 Steel StructuresX X
INS3004 HydraulicsXX X
INS3008 Structural Analysis IIXX
INS3010 Transportaion IIXX X
INS3006 Soil Mechanics IIXX X
Seventh semester courses
INS4077 Design of Retaining Structures X X
INS4055 Introduction to Earthquake Resistant Building Design X X
INS4061 Computer Aided Approximate Cost Analysis X X
INS4065 Computer Aided Steel Structure Design X X
INS4073 Time Planning in Construction Works X X
INS4057 INS4057 Cobblestone Paved Road Design X X
INS4063 Transportation - III X X
INS4015 Water ResourcesXX
INS4041 FoundationsXX
INS4001 Engineering Design XX X X
INS4029 Reinforced Concrete-IIXXX
INS4045 Professional Experience - I XXX X
Eighth semester courses
INS4064 Introduction to Structural Dynamics X X
INS4058 Computer Aided Building Design X X
INS4028 Asphalt Coatings X X
INS4062 Soil Investigation X X
INS4052 Computer Aided Structural Analysis X X
INS4016 Water Supply and Environmental HealthXX X
INS4018 Professional Training - II XXX X
INS4000 Final Project XX X
INS4040 Site ManagementX X X
INS4032 Occupational Safety in Construction Work XXX

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