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KIM1018organic chemistry3+0+0ECTS:5
Year / SemesterSpring Semester
Level of CourseFirst Cycle
Status Compulsory
Prerequisites and co-requisitesNone
Mode of Delivery
Contact Hours14 weeks - 3 hours of lectures per week
LecturerProf. Dr. Yasemin ÜNVER
Language of instructionTurkish
Professional practise ( internship ) None
The aim of the course:
Recognition of organic compounds, obtaining and knowing the reactions they give
Learning OutcomesCTPOTOA
Upon successful completion of the course, the students will be able to :
LO - 1 : Understanding of binding, covalent-ionic bond, resonance, isomer and resonance expressions1,2,3,61,
LO - 2 : Writing of structural formulas, recognition of functional groups in organic chemistry1,2,3,61
LO - 3 : nomenclature of organic compounds1,2,3,61,
LO - 4 : obtaining organic compounds and their reactions1,2,3,61,
CTPO : Contribution to programme outcomes, TOA :Type of assessment (1: written exam, 2: Oral exam, 3: Homework assignment, 4: Laboratory exercise/exam, 5: Seminar / presentation, 6: Term paper), LO : Learning Outcome

Contents of the Course
To know bond, covalent bond, resonance, isomer, showing structural formulas, recognizing functional groups, naming organic compounds, obtaining reactions and reactions they give
Course Syllabus
 WeekSubjectRelated Notes / Files
 Week 1Carbon compounds, chemical bonds, hybridization, fission of isomeric and structural formulas
 Week 2Recognition of functional groups and naming in alkanes and cycloalkanes
 Week 3Naming of alkenes and alkynes and their reactions. Nomenclature of alkenes and alkynes and their reactions.
 Week 4 Continue the reactions of alkenes and alkynes
 Week 5Nomenclature and reactions of aromatic compounds
 Week 6Nomenclature and reactions of aromatic compounds
 Week 7stereochemistry
 Week 8Naming in alkyl halides and SN1 and SN2 reactions
 Week 9mid-term exam
 Week 10alkil halojenürein reaksiyonları E1, E2, SN1,SN2
 Week 11Names of alcohols and phenols and reactions of alcohols
 Week 12Names of ethers and epoxides and names of aldehydes and ketones
 Week 13Reactions of aldehydes and ketones
 Week 14Naming of carboxylic acids and their derivatives
 Week 15Amines and their nomenclature
 Week 16final exam
Textbook / Material
Recommended Reading
Method of Assessment
Type of assessmentWeek NoDate

Duration (hours)Weight (%)
Mid-term exam 9 50
End-of-term exam 16 50
Student Work Load and its Distribution
Type of workDuration (hours pw)

No of weeks / Number of activity

Hours in total per term
Yüz yüze eğitim 3 15 45
Sınıf dışı çalışma 2 14 28
Laboratuar çalışması 0 0 0
Arasınav için hazırlık 3 6 18
Arasınav 1 2 2
Uygulama 0 0 0
Klinik Uygulama 0 0 0
Ödev 0 0 0
Proje 0 0 0
Kısa sınav 0 0 0
Dönem sonu sınavı için hazırlık 5 11 55
Dönem sonu sınavı 1 2 2
Diğer 1 0 0 0
Diğer 2 0 0 0
Total work load150