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BIY3026Occupational Health and Safety2+0+0ECTS:4
Year / SemesterSpring Semester
Level of CourseFirst Cycle
Status Elective
Prerequisites and co-requisitesNone
Mode of Delivery
Contact Hours14 weeks - 2 hours of lectures per week
LecturerProf. Dr. İsmail DEMİR
Co-LecturerProf. Dr. İsmail DEMİR
Language of instructionTurkish
Professional practise ( internship ) None
The aim of the course:
The main objectives of this course are to provide basic information about occupational health and safety.
Learning OutcomesCTPOTOA
Upon successful completion of the course, the students will be able to :
LO - 1 : to be able to explain the concepts of occupational health and safety, the importance of occupational health and safety, and the legislation about occupational health and safety10,121,5
LO - 2 : to be able to explain the causes of occupational accidents and occupational diseases and measures against occupational accidents and occupational diseases10,121,5
LO - 3 : know the organizations responsible for occupational health and safety in Turkey, be able to solve and explain the problems encountered in practice related to occupational health and safety. 6331 ANNOUNCEMENT OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY LAW10,121,5
LO - 4 : to be able to analyze the legal responsibility of the employer in occupational accidents and occupational diseases and to be able to prosecute compensation cases arising from occupational accidents and occupational diseases.10,121,5
LO - 5 : to be able to express public law sanctions to be applied to employers who do not take occupational health and safety measures.10,121,5
LO - 6 : to be able to evaluate occupational health and safety issues in terms of international legislation10,121,5
CTPO : Contribution to programme outcomes, TOA :Type of assessment (1: written exam, 2: Oral exam, 3: Homework assignment, 4: Laboratory exercise/exam, 5: Seminar / presentation, 6: Term paper), LO : Learning Outcome

Contents of the Course
The aim and importance of occupational health and safety, historical development of occupational health and safety, concepts in the field of occupational health and safety, occupational accidents, occupational diseases and precautions to be taken, costs arising from work accidents and occupational diseases, basic law laws occupational health and safety, national and international organizations and contracts, occupational health and safety management systems, risk management and assessment, personal protective equipment
Course Syllabus
 WeekSubjectRelated Notes / Files
 Week 1Occupational Health and Safety Terms
 Week 2Definition of Occupational Health and Safety in Modern Meaning
 Week 3Historical Development of Occupational Health and Safety Concept
 Week 4Historical Development-Industrial Revolution of the OSH Concept
 Week 5Historical Development of the Concept -20.yy. OHS, OHS concepts in Turkey Historical Development of Pre-Tanzimat
 Week 6OSH Concept in Turkey
 Week 7Historical Development and Republican-Parliamentary concept of OHS in Turkey
 Week 8OSH Concept Occupational health and safety legislation
 Week 10constitutional obligations
 Week 11constitutional obligations relating to occupational health and safety
 Week 12Control of occupational health and safety
 Week 13Control of occupational health and safety
 Week 14employers to respect workers' debts
 Week 15 employers to respect workers' debts Final exam Final- exam
 Week 16Final Exam
Textbook / Material
1DERS NOTLARI (Serdar Karaböcek ve Nevin Karaböcek 2014, Trabzon)
Recommended Reading
Method of Assessment
Type of assessmentWeek NoDate

Duration (hours)Weight (%)
Mid-term exam 9 11.04.2020 1 50
End-of-term exam 16 21.05.2020 1 50
Student Work Load and its Distribution
Type of workDuration (hours pw)

No of weeks / Number of activity

Hours in total per term
Yüz yüze eğitim 3 14 42
Sınıf dışı çalışma 6 5 30
Arasınav için hazırlık 6 2 12
Arasınav 2 4 8
Uygulama 3 2 6
Ödev 4 2 8
Kısa sınav 1 3 3
Dönem sonu sınavı için hazırlık 10 1 10
Dönem sonu sınavı 1 1 1
Total work load120