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USEC0008 Protection of Personal Data2+0+0ECTS:4
Year / SemesterSpring Semester
Level of CourseFirst Cycle
Status Elective
Prerequisites and co-requisitesNone
Mode of Delivery
Contact Hours14 weeks - 2 hours of lectures per week
LecturerÖğretim Görevlisi Ali Haydar DOĞU
Language of instructionTurkish
Professional practise ( internship ) None
The aim of the course:
To teach the concept of personal data, the rights of the person whose personal data is processed, the obligations of natural and legal persons who process personal data, and the procedures and principles to be followed.
Learning OutcomesCTPOTOA
Upon successful completion of the course, the students will be able to :
LO - 1 : Learns the concept of personal data.7,10,151,
LO - 2 : Learns their rights against the data controller.7,10,15
LO - 3 : Learns the obligations of data controllers.7,10,15
LO - 4 : Learns the terms of personal data processing.7,10,15
LO - 5 : Learns the crimes and misdemeanors to be committed on personal data.
LO - 6 : Learns the necessary technical and administrative measures to protect personal data.7,10,15
LO - 7 : Learns the ways of application and complaint.
LO - 8 : Learns the VERBIS (data controllers registry) system.7,10,15
LO - 9 : Learns the general principles of processing personal data.7,10,15
CTPO : Contribution to programme outcomes, TOA :Type of assessment (1: written exam, 2: Oral exam, 3: Homework assignment, 4: Laboratory exercise/exam, 5: Seminar / presentation, 6: Term paper), LO : Learning Outcome

Contents of the Course
Personal data law. Personal data and data controller concept. General principles in the processing of personal data. Terms of processing personal data. Obligations of the data controller. Relevant person and their rights. Right of application and complaint. Data Controllers Registry (Verbis). Offenses and misdemeanors within the scope of protection of personal data. Precedent and decisions of the Personal Data Protection Board.
Course Syllabus
 WeekSubjectRelated Notes / Files
 Week 1Right to protection of personal data
 Week 2Personal data concept
 Week 3
 Week 4General principles
 Week 5The obligation to inform the data controller
 Week 6Rights of the person concerned
 Week 7Obligations regarding data security
 Week 8Right of application and complaint
 Week 9Midterm
 Week 10Transfer of personal data
 Week 11Crimes-1
 Week 12Crimes-2
 Week 13misdemeanors
 Week 14Data controllers registry
 Week 15Personal Data Protection Authority
 Week 16Final examination
Textbook / Material
1Kişisel Verileri Koruma Kurumu Yayınları (Ankara)
Recommended Reading
Method of Assessment
Type of assessmentWeek NoDate

Duration (hours)Weight (%)
Mid-term exam 9 04042022 50
End-of-term exam 16 01062022 50
Student Work Load and its Distribution
Type of workDuration (hours pw)

No of weeks / Number of activity

Hours in total per term
Yüz yüze eğitim 2 14 28
Sınıf dışı çalışma 2 10 20
Arasınav için hazırlık 3 8 24
Arasınav 1 1 1
Dönem sonu sınavı için hazırlık 3 10 30
Dönem sonu sınavı 1 1 1
Total work load104